About Us

  Bijis Internet Private Limited (BijisNet Broadband) is a Delhi-based company that has established itself as a prominent player in the telecommunications industry, particularly in the regions of Bihar and Jharkhand. With a commitment to providing reliable and high-speed internet services, BijisNet has earned a reputation for its quality offerings and customer-centric approach.

  Founded with the vision of bridging the digital divide and empowering communities through connectivity, BijisNet Broadband has rapidly expanded its network infrastructure to cater to the growing demand for internet services in underserved areas. Leveraging advanced technology and strategic partnerships, the company has built a robust network that delivers seamless internet access to residential, commercial, and institutional users across Bihar and Jharkhand.

  One of BijisNet Broadband's key distinguishing factors is its authorization by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), which underscores its compliance with regulatory standards and commitment to legal and ethical business practices. Holding License No. DS-11/123/2020-DS-III, issued by the DoT, further validates BijisNet Broadband's credibility as a trusted provider of broadband services.

  BijisNet Broadband's success can be attributed to its relentless focus on customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. The company takes pride in offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clientele, whether it be individuals seeking reliable home internet connections or businesses requiring robust connectivity for their operations.

  In addition to its residential and commercial offerings, BijisNet Broadband also caters to the needs of educational institutions, government agencies, and other organizations requiring internet services. By providing customized packages and dedicated support, the company plays a vital role in enabling digital learning, e-governance, and other transformative initiatives in the regions it serves.

  Beyond its core business activities, BijisNet Broadband is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives aimed at uplifting local communities and fostering digital literacy. Through partnerships with educational institutions and nonprofit organizations, the company promotes awareness about the benefits of internet access and provides training programs to enhance digital skills among underserved populations.

  Looking ahead, BijisNet Broadband remains steadfast in its mission to be a catalyst for digital transformation in Bihar and Jharkhand. By investing in infrastructure expansion, service enhancement, and community engagement, the company is poised to further consolidate its position as a leading broadband service provider in the region, driving socio-economic development and empowerment through connectivity.

BijisNet Broadband proudly stands as an ISO-certified company, attesting to its commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Achieving ISO certification is a testament to the company's dedication to maintaining high standards in its broadband services. This internationally recognized certification assures customers that BijisNet Broadband adheres to rigorous quality management practices, ensuring reliability and consistency in its operations. By obtaining ISO certification, BijisNet Broadband demonstrates its ongoing pursuit of excellence, providing customers with the confidence that they are choosing a broadband provider committed to delivering services of the highest quality.